Does Solar Work in Michigan? Definitely.

A lot of folks have asked us, “Does solar really work in Michigan?” The answer is a resounding “yes!” 

In fact, Michigan gets about the same of sunlight as many states that are installing far more solar energy systems than Michigan, and vastly superior to Germany, which until 2016, had deployed more solar energy systems than any other country in the world - despite being located on average 500 miles farther north than Michigan (45 vs 52.5 degrees latitude).  

Germany now derives almost 7 percent of its electricity from solar energy while the United States gets just over 1 percent of its energy from solar. 

Country                   Installed Solar Capacity as of January 2016

China                        43,000,000 kilowatts

Germany                  40,000,000 kilowatts

United States           27,000,000 kilowatts

In Michigan, folks are able to produce enough solar energy to eliminate their electric bill, but are still able to tap into the grid when they need to. Want to find out why? Read more on net metering.

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